Young Voices 2017

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  1. Asiya R and Kahdijah R says:

    AWESOME video Mrs Boydon! Looks like you had so much fun at the arena, and the backing track was pop medley! Can yo believe it – the pop medley! You’re the super star at tech. My little sister LOVED it to bits!

  2. Prabhvir says:

    Wow it was so fun and I enjoyed it. I wish I could go another time, but i can’t go because I am in year 6. I will miss choir.

  3. Gurvin says:

    Wow I LOVE it. I am definitely coming young voices next year it was SO much fun – the most fun I`ve had in my life . yeah the most FUN I`ve ever had. A MASSIVE thank you to Mrs Leonard for teaching us all the songs you`re the best and Mrs Boydon for also helping and arranging the trip to Birmingham .

  4. Shama says:

    This was a great experience, sadly can’t go next year . 🙁

  5. Bally Sangha says:

    Hi this is Gurvins mum just wanted to say what an amazing excperience this was attending young voices it truly left you with that fuzzy feeling!

  6. ayesha says:

    wow awesome!!!

  7. sara balaova says:

    it was so much fun thankyou mrs boydon

  8. Humaira says:

    I had an AMAZING experience i totally want to go back next year and i never want to leave 🙂

    • Humaira farooq says:

      And I am going this year sadly next year i cant go i wish I could stay in primary school 4ever just so I could go yv

  9. Hooriya says:

    That looks like good fun. I wish i was there.

  10. 5LG says:

    I LOVE being in the choir

  11. Shama says:

    Wish it was possible to go again, it really was a great experience, thank you Mrs Boydon for bringing such great opportunities for Mayflower.

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