WBD 3rd March

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6 Responses to WBD 3rd March

  1. Mrs Bilkhu says:

    What fantastic costumes Class LA!

  2. Miss Patel says:

    Class LA you all look amazing in your costumes.

  3. Mrs Boydon says:

    What a wonderful celebration of reading! Well done for getting in the spirit and making a huge effort with costumes. I hope you enjoyed snuggling down with a good book too!

  4. muneerah sindhi says:

    Fab job with all the costumes! Some really amazing costumes ….well done to everyone!
    Happy reading

  5. Shanaz Patel says:

    Absolutely amazing !! What a joy to see the kids all in their favourite book costumes. Love books, love reading !

  6. Mrs Archdeacon says:

    We had a great time being different characters – well done to all the parents for transforming the children.

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