Mrs Connell is flabbergasted!

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10 Responses to Mrs Connell is flabbergasted!

  1. sara Rashid says:

    thank you so much!!! that is just so amazing!
    well done.
    Ismaeels Mum.

  2. Aisha says:

    Well done for making your teacher proud keep it up!

  3. ismaeel rashid says:

    was my writing good

  4. Ismaeel says:

    I feel really good

  5. ismaeel says:

    i feel proud of myself

  6. Iqra.Rashid. says:

    Amazing work guys!

  7. Iqra.Rashid.Ismaeel's sister says:

    wonderfull work by Ismaeel, abdul and Ibrahm

  8. imaan says:

    Well done guys. Keep the good work up!!!

  9. 3CR says:

    I feel really flabergasted about myself

    By Ismaeel

  10. Ismaeel says:

    I think I did very Good

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