Celebrating together

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  1. Mrs Bilkhu says:

    Please turn the pages to find out what we had been up to last week with our Oakthorpe buddies…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow looks like all the children had lots of fun doing different activities, I can see Aun trying to make some play dough fireworks and tasting some good food.
    All thanks to our wonderful teachers at Mayflower to make it possible.

  3. Miss Cree says:

    Lovely event our children at Oakthorpe loved it. It was so well organised and they learnt so much. We can’t wait for when you visit us. If you want to see more photos visit Joyful_giraffes 🙂

  4. Mrs Archdeacon says:

    It was wonderful meeting our Oakthorpe buddies. We had lots of fun together with different activities and lots of tasty food. An extra bonus- our visitors from France doing stick dancing. Thank you for organising this Mrs Bilkhu.

  5. Mrs Boydon says:

    Great photos of a wonderful day!
    Well done everyone for giving the children such a fantastic experience.

  6. Muhammed anas's mum says:

    Wow it is great to see our children share with other children from a different school.
    thank you

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