Peace Assembly

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8 Responses to Peace Assembly

  1. Anonymous says:

    I loved this assembly! Everybody involved did a wonderful job. Big thanks to Mrs Sidat for all of her hard work behind the scenes and a huge round of applause for each and every child. Be proud, be peaceful.

  2. Mrs Boydon says:

    What a wonderful assembly – it was so creative and allowed you all to showcase so many of your fantastic talents. The singing, dancing (AND finger dancing!), poetry and art work was all wonderful. You should feel very proud of yourselves.
    Wishing you a peaceful weekend …

  3. Anisha Manjra says:

    I really enjoyed the assembly..the children performed really well.thanks to all the staff ..

  4. Mrs Archdeacon says:

    This was an amazing assembly. Well done to everybody involved. I am practising my belly breathing – you entertained me and taught me a new skill!

  5. Gurvin says:

    well done year 2

  6. Gurvin says:

    sorry I mean year 5

  7. Fatima Kari says:

    I really enjoyed doing the assembly thank you for letting me have a good part

  8. Anonymous says:

    You totally deserved it, Fatima. Well done!
    Mrs Garratt

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