Sharing Stories

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8 Responses to Sharing Stories

  1. Tasmiyh says:

    That was very fun reading stories to the year 1 children. They really really enjoyed it.

  2. Mrs Archdeacon says:

    This is great- how wonderful of our year 5 children sharing the joy of storytelling with our year 1 children.

  3. Muneerah sindhi says:

    Great work year 5 ! I’m sure year 1 enjoyed listening to all the lovely stories.

  4. Husna says:

    It was really fun!

  5. muneerah sindhi says:

    Mustafa from km thoroughly enjoyed his reading time and would like to thank year 5 for their time and effort.
    He came home with good memories…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great work everyone! Sharing stories together is such a lovely thing to do!

  7. Mrs Garratt says:

    The year 5 children enjoy this as much as the year 1’s! It is truly lovely to watch and is a very special part of our Thursday mornings.

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