Nepal Part 3

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16 Responses to Nepal Part 3

  1. Aisha says:

    amazing too see that they like our cards

  2. Sanaa ali says:

    Looks like they loved the hand made cards that we made.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant to see the children yr 6 have been working with.

  4. 5LG says:

    They look so pleased

  5. 5LG says:


  6. 5LG says:


  7. 5LG says:

    They look good

  8. 5LG says:

    They look nice

  9. 5LG says:

    Habeebah Hussain

    I wonder if it is more hot there than here. I really like Nepal! Hopefully, I will get to go on holiday there. I LOVE the pictures that you took while you were there and I wonder if I will see the same things if I get to go to Nepal. I really hope you had a great time.

  10. 5LG says:

    Fatimah kari
    The children look happy to receive cards from year 6. It looks like the teachers are having a good time looking at the zero hunger scrapbook.

  11. issa hashim says:

    I really like it that the children in Nepal liked yr 6 cards.

  12. 5LG says:

    The cards look good.

  13. Ibrahim Riaz says:

    I like it – Nepal really liked the cards!

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