Day 2 at Beaumanor Hall

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10 Responses to Day 2 at Beaumanor Hall

  1. Mrs Boydon says:

    Wow! Look at you guys! Flying!
    What lovely photos! Have a great evening – I can’t believe you’re coming back tomorrow!

  2. Sir Hashim says:

    Looks like lots of fun,

  3. Anonymous says:

    This looks amazing.

  4. NurFatimah says:

    wow looks so fun!!!!! i wish i couldve b een there i high ropes and ziplining. you guys look amazing hope you enjoyed yourselves icant wait to hear about it when you come back on monday.!!!!

  5. Shanaz Asif says:

    Fantastic! so pleased to see everyone getting stuck in and enjoying this amazing adventure and making wonderful memories.

  6. Shanaz Asif says:

    Well done Archers! what a fantastic skill to try, Im sure you all learned some amazing skills.

  7. NurFatimah says:

    i wonder what you all did on the 3rd day? i was so excited when i saw you all on friday at 3:00!!! you all probably miss the adventure at beaumanor!!! it looked so fun on thhe videos and pictures on the blog!!! did you all stay awake in the night or were you all sleepy heads!!!!! did you have fun in the night playing hide in the cellar? cant wait to hear all about it on monday

    • Habeebah Hussain says:

      wow im so jealous heh i wish i could have gone :(((((
      anyway hope you had a great time i cant wait to hear about it aswell!!!!!!!

  8. Mehreen s says:

    Wow it looks fun

  9. Faheema says:

    looks like so much fun wish I could be there

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