Leon and the space between

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3 Responses to Leon and the space between

  1. NurFatimah says:

    itv was so fun!!!!! i loved making the space between magic box the best!!! this all happened when mrs chandarana and mr bounds took some children to beaumanor hall residential trip. we should really thank all the teachers in yr 6(mrs chandarana mr bounds mrs wilday mrs stokes and mrs sidat even miss patel miss karim and mr lyle.) for organising such wonderful activities for the people who didn’t go to beaumanor hall!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  2. Mrs Boydon says:

    You have produced some amazing artwork and marvellous moving models! You should be sooooo proud of yourselves!

  3. Aisha khan says:

    Wow amazing artwork , love all the hats and they were all sparkerling .
    Good work , hope you all had an amazing time .

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