Amazing Making

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  1. Rachael Pick says:

    Wow! What wonderful work! Looks like you have been doing some exciting things in class GB. I hope you are all doing well and working hard. ☺ wishing you all the best. Miss Pick.

    • Class GB says:

      Thank you for writing the message. We like the message. (Aisha )
      Miss Pick, we miss you. Please visit us soon. (Mohammed)
      Miss Pick, Come later. (Aslam)
      Please can you visit us again. (Nadia)

  2. Rehana Adam says:

    Wow Layla you never fail to surprise me. Well done and thank you Mrs Boyden for recognising Layla’s independent effort and Mrs Bilku and Miss Patel for allowing Layla to explore and use her imagination.

  3. Sanaa Ali says:

    It looks amazing

  4. idrees sattar says:

    astounding work GB!

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