Mayflower Moves – End of year performance

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8 Responses to Mayflower Moves – End of year performance

  1. Miss Johnson says:

    Well done dancers! I’m very proud of you all and the energy you put in! It was worth all your hard work for this fabulous final performance!

    • Ayra says:

      Thank you! I enjoyed it, I am definitely joining up next time if it carries on and no one can stop me. Its good for exercise as well, don’t you think?

    • Humaira says:

      I am soo happy we did so well and my cousins are very very very very very proud of us

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the moves!!!!!

  3. Mrs Raja says:

    Love the moves!!!! Well done you all !!!

  4. Gurvin says:

    Thanks – I enjoyed it alot. Well done everyone!

  5. Mehreen says:

    Wow that was amazing well done

  6. Anonymous says:


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