Mayflower Moves performance

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9 Responses to Mayflower Moves performance

  1. Mrs Garratt says:

    This was amazing! You all were so graceful! Can’t wait for the next one!

    • Humaira Farooq says:

      Thank you mrs Garratt it was an amazing experience and thnks to you miss Johnson for being truly AWESOME!!!!

  2. Safaa says:

    Thank you Mrs Garratt and also a big thank you to Miss Johnson for choreographing this dance and a big well done to all the girls we were all awesome

    • Ayra says:

      Thank you, Safaa, Mrs Garratt, dancer and a big huge thank you to Miss Johnson for choreographing this dance like Safaa said. I don’t want to leave Year 6 now!! lol

  3. Zumzum says:

    I miss dance club 🙁

  4. Gurvin says:

    Have you forgot boys did dance too! well done everyone and thank you to miss Jhonson and all the support I was a nervous and it was also so fun thank you mrs Garrratt too.

  5. Ammarah says:

    That was amazing!

    Thanks for the great dance!

  6. Humaira Farooq says:

    this acc bought me to tears I miss mayflower so much!!!

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