Young Voices 2018

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6 Responses to Young Voices 2018

  1. Gurvin says:

    So embarrassed! The end bit.

  2. Mrs Boydon says:

    Gurvin – you were an absolute legend!
    Don’t be embarassed about feeling the musical groove and throwing some awesome shapes!
    We’ll miss you next year.

    • Gurvin says:

      Thank you soooo much Mrs Boydon – you are infact a legend also. I will also miss
      Mayflower the most out of the year. Thank you for everything.

  3. 4KW says:

    i hope i come next’s amazing

  4. Ahsan Usman says:

    My face popped up – I laughed hard!

  5. Mrs Y Nana says:

    That looks absolutely amazing! felt like I was there, I couldn’t look away from the video for a second! The children look so so happy, such a joy to see those beautiful smiles and so much enthusiasm!!


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