Well Done Mrs Patel

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5 Responses to Well Done Mrs Patel

  1. Hemal says:

    Congratulations Mrs Patel

  2. Mrs Daxa Patel says:

    Thank you…

  3. Samia Riaz says:

    Well done Mrs Patel, you green-fingered genius. You have done us all proud by winning this prestigious award. I will be looking out for ur spectacular garden when i next drive by!

  4. Anisha Manjra says:

    Wow mrs patel congratulations…

  5. Amrita Ruprai Ali says:

    Congratulations Mrs Patel. I just do not find the time to do any gardening however, loved to watch my dad gardening when I was younger. He put so much love into it as I am sure you do and its paid off with this incredible achievement. 🙂

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