Year 4 English Week 3 6th to 10th April Reading

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  1. 22rrawat says:

    Ans.1: Travelled around the whole world.
    Ans.2: Because whenever he went out to find a princess there was never a real princess.
    Ans.3: The rain poured down in torrents.
    Ans.4: At the city gate.
    Ans.5: Because every princess the prince found around the world was’nt a real princess.
    Ans.6: She put a pea under 20 matresses.
    Ans.7: That she could’nt sleep well because her back was hurting.
    Ans.8: The princes married the princess.
    Ans.9: The pea was put in the museum.
    Ans.10: Yes it is a true story as it says that it is, at the end of the story.

  2. webadmin says:

    Wow Rayhan – you are the first person to answer the questions on the website! Well done YOU!
    We’re so impressed! Keep up the great work everyone in 4CR!
    Can you remember how to create a blog post? We’ll be sending reminders out after the Easter holidays.
    Take care and keep in touch.

  3. Mrs Chauhan says:

    Hi Rayhan, well done you for being the first person to answer the questions and using the blog! You have retrieved and inferred correctly – well done! Think about question 10, just because something says it’s true do you think it always is?

    We look forward to hearing from you soon. Hope you’re keeping safe and well.

    Mrs Chauhan and Mrs Radia

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