Year 4 Week 9 May 18th to 22nd

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  1. 22epatel says:

    Dear mrs Garret , i used a pencil and paper for the lesson everyday and did some maths,English and reading comprehension. It is really fun and creative for me and I do ttrockstars ,maths factor ,active learn and this, j2webby . I want to learn more from every thing I do. Hope you enjoy

    • Mrs Boydon says:

      Hi there Eesa
      Well done you for working so hard!
      You should be really proud of yourself!
      Take care
      Mrs B

  2. Mrs Garratt says:

    What a lovely message! I’m really pleased that you are working hard and wanting to learn. And you’re having fun!
    Maybe you could take a photo of some of your work and either email it to me or post it on here. I would love to see it.
    What is your score on TT Rockstars now?
    Mrs G

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