NHS by Aaminah Sidat

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  1. Mrs Boydon says:

    What a lovely piece of work Aaminah! And aren’t we lucky that the NHS is free for us when we need it!
    Does someone in your family work for the NHS? I think the whole country is very grateful to all our health and care workers who are making sure we are all looked after so well.
    You take care

  2. 20asidat says:

    Thank you Mrs Boydon. No i dont have any close relatives working for the NHS but i thought it would be a good time to realise and understand how much the NHS do for us.

  3. 20asidat says:

    Thank you.

  4. 20msidat says:

    Hi! Great work. Hope I see you soon

  5. 20amohamed-ehisan says:

    I am so grateful for the NHS and for how hard they are working in these tough times
    Aleena M

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