F1 Zoolab

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6 Responses to F1 Zoolab

  1. Mrs Boydon says:

    What an amazing visit from the Zoolab animals!
    You were all so brave to touch and hold the reptiles.
    Thank you Miss Brown and all the F1 team for creating such wonderful learning opportunities.

  2. S.ikhariya says:

    After this exciting experience of feeling and touching these different creatures, Maryam really wants a pet of her own to look after.

  3. Ohud Alharbi says:

    It was so exciting. well done children and staff you were so brave

  4. 14skhan says:

    hope u had fun F1

  5. Mrs Mulla says:

    The Zoolab was great!! This really helped build Maryam’s confidence. She had a go holding all the pets! Well done done to everyone at F1

  6. Aaliyah and Aaminah says:

    You were super brave!

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