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5 Responses to competition2

  1. Mrs Garratt says:

    Arun Makh (5LG) guesses 14.22 cms and 6g. Do you think he could be right?

  2. Mrs Garratt says:

    Amna Hashim and Jocelyn Phiri (5LG) guess 15.5 cms and 7g.

  3. Mrs Garratt says:

    Jaiden Patel (5LG) thinks that Hugo measures 15 cms and weighs 7g.

  4. Mrs Garratt says:

    Megna (5PV) thinks that Hugo measures 14.5 cms in length and weighs 9g.

  5. Sanaa says:

    I think Hugo measures 8g and 14.50 cm in length. Class 6BS

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